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Practice Areas Overview

Attorneys at Lueders, Robertson & Konzen, LLC represent individuals and businesses in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and throughout Southwestern Illinois in a range of legal areas, including:

Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, and Probate

A comprehensive estate plan addresses not only inheritance, but also issues of management and control that may arise during the testator's lifetime.  Moreover, all estate planning should be performed with sensitivity to probate and tax issues that may affect the estate and its beneficiaries.  Probate is the court-supervised process for effectuating a will or otherwise distributing the estate of a deceased individual; depending upon factors such as the size of the estate, the existence of multiple wills or will contests, and how well the documents are drawn, probate can sometimes prove a lengthy process.

While a will is the traditional, primary document utilized for distributing an estate, there are many other devices and instruments, such as life insurance policies, joint bank accounts and jointly-titled property, which allow assets to be transferred without probate. Trusts allow individuals to make asset transfers during their lifetime while retaining income for their own needs and having the ability to make adjustments to the estate plan as circumstances change.  As well as providing for personal care and estate management in the event of incapacity, the trust can also be a valuable tool for managing an estate's tax implications.


While a revocable living trust may continue to provide income to a person who becomes disabled and unable to manage his or her own finances, other documents may be required to manage the individual's personal care and medical decisions.  A living will sets out the individual's wishes regarding medical care, including end-of-life decisions.

A durable power of attorney is a broader document, allowing another party to make health care, property, finance, and other personal decisions on behalf of the individual.


When a person is incapacitated and unable to make decisions regarding his or her personal care or finances, and no power of attorney is in place, a guardianship can ensure that decisions are made in the person's best interests.  Legal incapacity can be present from birth due to a mental, physical, or developmental disability, or it may arise at any time during life as the result of an accident or injury.  Also, as part of the aging process, elders may experience diminished physical or mental capacity to such an extent that a guardianship is necessary.

Our work in guardianships includes:

  • serving as guardian ad litem to represent the best interests of individuals in guardianship proceedings
  • preparing cases for guardianship over persons or estates
  • preparing structured settlements or annuities to provide for the care of incapacitated persons over a long period of time

Land Trusts

An Illinois land trust allows the original owner use and enjoyment of the property as well as the right to direct its conveyance.  For more information about this unique way to transfer title to real property, consult with one of our estate planning lawyers.

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Environmental Law

In addition to water and air quality laws, additional land-based regulations can impact business operations in a variety of ways.  For instance, buying or selling property that contains underground storage tanks can give rise to a host of thorny legal issues and extensive cleanup costs.  At Lueders, Robertson & Konzen, LLC, we have a wealth of experience helping businesses ensure compliance and avoid delays when dealing with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies on environmental issues.

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Municipal and Public Utility Law

Our lawyers have a strong background in dealing with municipalities and public utilities on behalf of local businesses and large industrial and commercial companies. For more information, see our page on municipal and utility law.

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Business Law

Business Entity Formation

Deciding upon the right corporate form under which to organize your business is an important initial step in starting any company.  The state of Illinois recognizes a myriad of different entities, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and the new low-profit limited liability company (L3C).   The choice of entity can have a profound impact on issues regarding taxes and profitability, protection from liability, management and control issues, and flexibility in operations.

Our experienced business attorneys can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the various corporate forms.  We prepare the necessary documents to form the entity that best meets your needs, and further assist with recordkeeping and reporting requirements to make sure your business stays in compliance with state and federal laws.

Transactions and Litigation

We regularly assist established companies in negotiating, preparing, and reviewing contracts, leases, employment agreements, and other necessary documents.  Legal assistance at this early stage can help prevent problems from arising down the road; when problems do arise, whether in employment matters or contract disputes, our attorneys act to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

Creditors' Rights

We also assist credit unions and other business creditors in asserting their rights in debt collections, enforcing judgments, executing mortgage and lien foreclosures, recovering property, attacking fraudulent transfers, and obtaining other remedies regarding the object of their secured or unsecured debt.

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Our attorneys provide legal assistance to small and large businesses alike, whether they are just starting out or are well-established icons like U.S. Steel.  If you or your organization needs cost-effective legal representation in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area or anywhere in Illinois, contact Lueders, Robertson & Konzen, LLC today for a free initial consultation.

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